Decorative Lamella – Ash Capri


The decorative lamellas are one of the most versatile moldings available on the market today. They can be used to add elegance to any room by being mounted onto walls or ceilings. Lamellas are not only practical but also serve as great decor pieces because they create an overall finish for any given surface within your home.

PRICE PER 1 length 2.8m long

Made to order / Lead time 3 weeks

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Advantages of decorative lamellas

Wall lamellas are a brilliant way to emphasize the character of any interior. Thanks to their vertical form, they visually enlarge the space. Furthermore, they have a positive impact on the acoustics of an interior thanks to their soundproofing properties. Walls finished with lamellas warm the interior, juxtaposing other materials that were used for the finishing. Installing lamellas requires minimal effort, but the effect achieved after the work is done is breath-taking!

A handful of sophisticated elegance, a dash of luxury, and a pinch of madness…

The idea of the Lamella collection was born out of the need for beauty and a love of sophisticated
interior design.

In which interiors should lamellas be used?

Premium lamellas constitute an excellent choice for any type of interior. They fit perfectly with modern arrangements, breaking the rawness of industrial or Scandinavian trends. Wood also fits perfectly with
classic decor, at the same time emphasizing its unique character.

A house, apartment, or maybe a business space?

A house or apartment requires dedication and attention, if only because we spend most of our time
there. It constitutes a shelter, an oasis of peace, stands for relaxation and fascinating meetings with
friends. That is why one has to know how to arrange and design this interior well. Our lamellas fit
perfectly into classic designs full of perfection, elegance, luxury, and wealth as well as those full of
splendor, madness, and avant-garde. Decorative wall panels will also work perfectly in commercial
spaces dedicated to professional work, business meetings – hotels, offices, medical salons, and many
others. The only limitation is our imagination.

The high aesthetic value of lamellas results in them often being chosen as wall finishings in such interiors as a living room or bedroom. However, it is worth noting that the stylish look goes hand in hand with functionality. The high quality of our products means that they can also be used to finish utility rooms in the home. Thanks to the lamellas, your kitchen or bathroom will take on an extraordinary design!