ATLAS UNI-GRUNT Deep Penetrating Primer, 5L


Most important features

  • reinforces absorptive substrates of any type
  • high yield, quick-drying
  • decreases and unifies substrate absorptiveness
  • improves bonding to the substrate
  • underneath floors and screeds, adhesives, plasters, top finishes, paints

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Product description:

ATLAS UNI GRUNT is a priming emulsion, manufactured on the basis of the finest quality water dispersion of polymer resins.
Quick-drying – depending on temperature and air humidity, application of next layers on a primed substrate is possible after:
  • 15 minutes – for adhesive mortars ATLAS and painting coats on cement-lime plasters, silicate hollow blocks and aerated concrete blocks,
  • 2 hours – for floors and self-levelling screeds

Decreases and unifies substrate absorptivity.
Very low VOC content.
Transparent, solvent-free and water-soluble.
For application with a roller, a brush or with a sprayer.