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CEKOL C-40 joint filler, 16kg


CEKOL C-40 is an excellent material for pointing of cardboard-gypsum panels without a strengthening tape. CEKOL C-40 may also be used for filling of scratches and cracks on the wall and ceiling surfaces.


CEKOL C-40 is a dry mixture of high quality gypsum, fillers and modifying substances. It is used for pointing of cardboard-gypsum and gypsum panels. CEKOL C-40 is non-toxic in application and use. It is easy to use, with very good functional qualities. With a wide range of additives, CEKOL C-40 is a product of enhanced strength and elasticity, which allows to resign of the use of tape. CEKOL C-40 should be used only inside buildings. Ground, after full setting, with properly selected abrasive paper or polycarbonate mesh, it gives ideally smooth surface.

CEKOL C-40 has an excellent adherence to gypsum and cardboard-gypsum bases, may also be applied to concrete bases. Before pointing, the surface and groove should be carefully cleaned of dust and loose particles. The base should be clean, compact, carrying and free of grease. Paints, loose sand and plaster particles as well as layers not bound with the base must be removed.

The moisture absorbing surfaces (e.g. gas concrete) should be primed with the CEKOL DL-80 priming emulsion.

Pour the package contents to water in the proportion of 0.35 to 0.40 liter of water for 1 kg of dry powder and mix thoroughly until an uniform thick mixture is obtained. Pour the powder to water. Mix is ready for use immediately after mixing. Apply the mix to a slot by means of stainless steel or plastic tools. After preliminary setting of the mix some small finishing surface corrections are possible. Final smoothing of surface may be done with abrasive paper or polycarbonate mesh of decreasing gradation, after full setting.

The plaster meets the requirements of PN-EN 13963 type 4B
Mixture proportions: 0.35 to 0.40 l of water for 1 kg of dry powder
Pot life: 30 minutes
Consumption: 1 kg/7 m of joint
Work temperature: 5ºC to 25ºC
Screenings on 1 mm mesh sieve: 0%
Screenings on 0.2 mm mesh sieve: ≤ 2%
Start of setting: ≥ 60 min.
Amount of water drawn off from paste: ≤ 0.5 g
Bending strength: ≥ 4 N/mm²
Compression strength: ≥ 10 N/mm²
Adhesion to base: ≥ 0.5 N/mm²
Product has the National Institute of Hygiene (PZH) Attestation

Store in original packages, in a dry compartment.
Shelf life up to 12 months.

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