CEKOL A-45 Ready mix finish plaster, 20kg


CEKOL A-45 FINISZ is particularly useful for final surface smoothing before painting. It gives a perfectly smooth, easy-to-paint surface and does not become yellowish as a result of exposure to light. Possible small unevenness can be polished with sand paper or lathe when dry.

When CEKOL A-45 FINISZ is dry, all paint types can be applied.



CEKOL A-45 FINISZ is a ready-to-use plaster compound, based on acrylic dispersion and top quality natural fillers. It is used to smoothen the surface and patch the holes before painting, as well as to obtain decorative surfaces. It can be used indoors on concrete or gypsum substrates, as well as on seasoned traditional cement-lime plasters. It can be applied manually or by machine.


The substrate should be clean, compact and free of any grease. Remove any emulsion, oil-base and glue paints, as well as loose sand particles. Highly absorbable substrates should be primed with the CEKOL DL-80 emulsion.


Use stainless steel or plastic tools. Applied surface thickness: from 1 mm to 3 mm. Wait until the layer has dried before applying the next one.

The compound can be applied smooth or can it be given various decorative textures. The texture design depends on the tools that you will use.

Clean the tools under running water immediately after you have finished the work.

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Conforms to PN-EN 13300
Application temperature: from +5oC to 30oC
Layer thickness: from 1 to 3 mm
Yield: about 1.5 kg/m2 for a 1-mm layer
Drying time: depending on the layer thickness and ambient conditions (about 6 hours for a 1-2 mm layer at 22oC±2 and 30% humidity)
Polish Institute of Hygiene certified.

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